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I got stuck in one area. I need to identify the positions of the PDAcroForm fields in one pdf. I need to do some processing with the x and y value of the fields.

Any idea how to do this? Is the information present in the COS object?

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We can get the text position . But i dont know how to get the form field position. Refer this link and try it. pdfbox.apache.org/apidocs/org/apache/pdfbox/util/… –  SANN3 Feb 14 '13 at 7:22
@SAN3: Yeah i have got the position of the text. But i want to get the position of the field. My requirement is that i need to convert the complete PDF to html. But in my pdf there will be some form elements too. I don't think PDF box has the capability to convert the formelements. Any suggestions?? –  karthick Feb 14 '13 at 8:25
Sorry no idea.. –  SANN3 Feb 14 '13 at 9:21

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I had the same problem today. The following code works in my case:

private PDRectangle getFieldArea(PDField field) {
  COSDictionary fieldDict = field.getDictionary();
  COSArray fieldAreaArray = (COSArray) fieldDict.getDictionaryObject(COSName.RECT);

  float left = (float) ((COSFloat) fieldAreaArray.get(0)).doubleValue();
  float bottom = (float) ((COSFloat) fieldAreaArray.get(1)).doubleValue();
  float right = (float) ((COSFloat) fieldAreaArray.get(2)).doubleValue();
  float top = (float) ((COSFloat) fieldAreaArray.get(3)).doubleValue();

  return new PDRectangle(new BoundingBox(left, bottom, right, top));

Edit: karthicks code is shorter. So I use this code now:

private PDRectangle getFieldArea(PDField field) {
  COSDictionary fieldDict = field.getDictionary();
  COSArray fieldAreaArray = (COSArray) fieldDict.getDictionaryObject(COSName.RECT);
  PDRectangle result = new PDRectangle(fieldAreaArray);
  return result;

And you can use this code if you want to test that the returned rectangle is correct:

private void printRect(final PDPageContentStream contentStream, final PDRectangle rect) throws IOException {
  contentStream.drawLine(rect.getLowerLeftX(), rect.getLowerLeftY(), rect.getLowerLeftX(), rect.getUpperRightY()); // left
  contentStream.drawLine(rect.getLowerLeftX(), rect.getUpperRightY(), rect.getUpperRightX(), rect.getUpperRightY()); // top
  contentStream.drawLine(rect.getUpperRightX(), rect.getLowerLeftY(), rect.getUpperRightX(), rect.getUpperRightY()); // right
  contentStream.drawLine(rect.getLowerLeftX(), rect.getLowerLeftY(), rect.getUpperRightX(), rect.getLowerLeftY()); // bottom
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I did something simillar to this.I am typing that as an answer so that people can refer both the codes. –  karthick Feb 18 '13 at 5:38
@karthick: Is this answer correct? Than please mark it as answered. If it is not correct: What are you missing? –  Lukas Feb 19 '13 at 7:53
I'm trying to use printRect, but don't see anything in the output. Could you put up an entire working example please? –  Mark Waschkowski Feb 27 '14 at 3:24
@MarkWaschkowski: Sorry, but I don´t have this example anymore. I sometimes forgot to close the contentStream. You also saved the pdf again?! –  Lukas Feb 27 '14 at 13:07

I am able to get the details like this

   COSDictionary trailer = document.getDocument().getTrailer();
   COSDictionary root = (COSDictionary) trailer.getDictionaryObject(COSName.ROOT);
   COSDictionary acroForm = (COSDictionary) root.getDictionaryObject(COSName.getPDFName("AcroForm"));
   if (null != acroForm) {
    COSArray fields1 = (COSArray) acroForm.getDictionaryObject(COSName.getPDFName("Fields"));
    for (int l = 0; l < fields1.size(); l++) {
     COSDictionary field = (COSDictionary) fields1.getObject(l);
     COSArray rectArray= (COSArray)field.getDictionaryObject("Rect");
     PDRectangle mediaBox = new PDRectangle( rectArray ); 
System.out.println("mediaBox: " + mediaBox.getLowerLeftX()  +"||" +mediaBox.getLowerLeftY());
System.out.println("mediaBox: " + mediaBox.getUpperRightX()  +"||" + mediaBox.getUpperRightY());
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