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Here is the code:

echo sprintf('%u',-123);

And this is the output on 32 bit platform:


but on 64 bit:


How to make it the same ?Say,the int(10) unsigned

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Depends what output you actually want. I could make it the same by doing echo "foo" on both. – Dominic Rodger Sep 28 '09 at 12:48
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echo sprintf('-%u',abs(-123));


$n = -123;
echo sprintf("%s%u", $n < 0 ? "-":"", abs($n));

Though if you actually want to see the two's complement unsigned value of a negative number restricted to 32 bits just do:

echo sprintf("%u", $n & 0xffffffff);

And that will print 4294967173 on all systems.

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Check out my answer to this question for some ideas - in a nutshell, you can check the value of the PHP_INT_SIZE constant to perform different processing on a 64bit platform.

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