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On click of an anchor tag the action of my controller is hit. there is a parameter that is passed in query string . I am converting a List to serialized json sting using the below code.

public ActionResult EmployeeVote(string regionID)
   var nomineeList = NomineeModel.GetNomineeByRegionID(Convert.ToInt16(regionID));
   ViewBag.NomineeList = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(nomineeList,Formatting.None);
   return View(ViewBag);

Ths json string I think there is some issue with the way the string is made.

[{"Id":0,"EmpId":1,"FirstName":"First Last","Email":"mail@xyz.com","Description":null,"RegionID":0}]

On client side. But model list is giving error while deserializing it.

$(function () {
            var modelList = JSON.parse('@ViewBag.NomineeList');
           $(modelList).each((function () { //some logic});

I want to perform an each loop to iterate over the model list to create some dynamic element. Any help ??

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The string [{"Id":0,"EmpId":1,"FirstName":"First Last","Email":"mail@xyz.com","Description":nu‌​ll,"RegionID":0}] is not valid JSON. –  Matt Ball Feb 14 '13 at 5:50
@MattBall I thought so can you point why the string is wrongly made. –  ankur Feb 14 '13 at 5:52

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The problem is that @ViewBag.NomineeList will HTML-encode the json string. You need to prevent this, but still make sure the string is a valid javascript string.

In the controller:

ViewBag.NomineeList = new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(
    JsonConvert.SerializeObject(nomineeList, Formatting.None)

The JavaScriptSerializer makes sure that the string is save to be used in JS, so new lines are encoded etc.

Then, in the view:

var modelList = JSON.parse(@Html.Raw(ViewBag.NomineeList));
  • Use Html.Raw to prevent HTML encoding
  • Don't enclose this in quotes as this is already done by JavaScriptSerializer

Update: I added an example how you could make it work without using JavaScriptSerializer. But I reconsidered the potential dangers and I've removed it. Stick to the approach above using JavaScriptSerializer, it's safer.

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Here is an ad hock solution:
Replace the """

ViewBag.NomineeList = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(nomineeList,Formatting.None).Remove(" "");

Also try using http://json.codeplex.com/.

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