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I am using icanhaz inside my project. As per documentation it says that it includes the Mustache.js as well.

Now I want to access the embedded Mustache object's to_html() method as follows.

var message = Mustache.to_html(template, json, true);

I am however getting error 'Mustache not defined'. Since Mustache is already included inside iCanHaz.js and I am successfully using ICanHaz's other methods as well, I should not need to include entire Mustache library again just for calling this single method, Or should I?

I just want my template to render as normal string with values replaced from my json object. Any other simple and lightweight way is also appreciated.


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No need to directly use the Mustache object.

Pass true to your normal ICanHaz render method to get the HTML string:

var message = ich.myTemplate(json, true);
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