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hi I am building query. It create problem after adding 2nd left join:- It working fine before adding second join. Can u plz resolve this issue

SELECT   u.dept_name AS deptname, u.user_name AS username,
 u.user_id AS userid, u.single_id AS singleid,
 u.email_address AS emailaddress, to_char(m.cur_week_hits) AS empno,
 to_char(m.prev_week_hits) AS mobiletelno,r.role_id , r.role_name 
 to_char(m.cur_week_hits - m.prev_week_hits) AS comptelno
FROM tn_cf_user u
          SUM (cur_week_hits) AS cur_week_hits,
           SUM (prev_week_hits) AS prev_week_hits,
      FROM  pp
         GROUP BY user_id   ) m
     ON u.user_id = m.user_id

        SELECT ur.role_id , rn.role_name , ur.user_id
            FROM tn_cf_user_role ur , tn_cf_role rn
            WHERE   ur.role_id = rn.role_id
        ) r,
     ON u.user_id = r.user_id 

   AND u.single_id IS NOT NULL
   AND u.user_type IS NULL


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plz try this: in your second join, change to m.user_id = r.user_id

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