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I have downloaded "jenkins-1.501.zip" from http://jenkins-ci.org/content/thank-you-downloading-windows-installer .

I have extracted zip file and installed Jenkins on Windows 7 successfully. Jenkins runs at http://localhost:8080/ well. I want to stop Jenkins service from console. How can I do that? What's the way to start and restart through console/command line?

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Open Console/Command line --> Go to your Jenkins installation directory. Execute the following commands respectively:

to stop:
jenkins.exe stop

to start:
jenkins.exe start

to restart:
jenkins.exe restart

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It's working well. thanks –  user2027659 Feb 14 '13 at 7:53

Manage Jenkins --> prepare for shutdown.

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This doesn't answer the question at all: 1) he wants to restart from CLI 2) this doesn't restart Jenkins, just prepares it to be restarted and blocks new jobs from getting triggered. If he wanted to restart it via the web interface, the way to go is to go to ${JENKINS_URL}/restart or ${JENKINS_URL}/safeRestart. –  haylem Apr 3 '14 at 15:24

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