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How can you run tests from all TestCase classes, in a specific module under tests package?

In a Django project, I have split tests.py under tests/
Each file(module) has several TestCase classes, and each of them having several test methods. init.py imports each of them.

I already know that I can do these:

  1. Run all the test:

    ./manage.py test myapp
  2. Or run specific TestCase:

    ./manage.py test myapp.OneOfManyTestCase    
  3. Or run very specific test method from a TestCase class:

    ./manage.py test myapp.OneOfManyTestCase.test_some_small_method

However, I can't figure out how to run every TestCases from a particular module.
Say, OneOfManyTestCase class is from tests/lot_of_test.py, and there are other test cases too.
Django doesn't seem to care about modules with TestCases.

How can I run all the TestCases inside lot_of_test?

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I think to achieve this you need to subclass your own TestRunner from DjangoTestSuiteRunner and override build_suite method.

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Ended up doing this. Thanks for the tip :) –  Jang-hwan Kim Feb 15 '13 at 18:27
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I ended up writing down my own TestSuiteRunner, like @sneawo said.

After Django-style fails, try importing as usual python-style.

One line to fix:



except ValueError:
    # change to python-style package name
    head, tail = label.split('.', 1)
    full_label = '.'.join([head, django.test.simple.TEST_MODULE, tail])
    # load tests
    tests = unittest.defaultTestLoader.loadTestsFromName(full_label)

and set TEST_RUNNER in settings.py:

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