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I'm building a browser game and I have a lot of small files that need to be transfered between my EC2 instancce and S3 when players perform some key actions.

Although transferring a single big file is fairly fast, transferring multiple small files is extremely slow. I'm using Amazon's PHP SDK.

Is there a way to overcome this weakness in S3? Thanks.

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If this transfer has to be made from EC2 instance to S3 then may be you can try using s3fuse , which will basically mount your s3 drive to storage volume of EC2 instance.

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Thanks but that doesn't overcome the transfer speed problem per my understanding. It's probably even slower because of all the extra overhead. – user353859 Feb 15 '13 at 5:47

The performance of S3 is not constant and can be quite slow sometimes. If you need real-time performance for a shared object I would take a look at the AWS memcached service although I have not used it.

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It looks like combining the two solutions below is the way to go.

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