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I am using ireports 5.0.1. I have a detail band which is very large (height 2313). After exporting to PDF , the generated file is not suitable for printing . How to span the band over mutiple pages? (just 2 pages will do)

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What do you mean with "the generated file is not suitable for printing" ? – Bnrdo Feb 14 '13 at 8:26
the height of the generated pdf is very large. so when printing , the fontbecomes smaller. – Sudipta Roy Feb 14 '13 at 10:16
actually we are printing an A1 sized page in A4 page......that's why i think the font is smaller – Sudipta Roy Feb 14 '13 at 10:19
If your problem is about the size of the report then you can modify the page size of the report in the report's properties. – Bnrdo Feb 14 '13 at 10:27
that's the problem , i want to split the band over 2 pages. i cant change the page size, because there are lots of fixed sized frames in the band. – Sudipta Roy Feb 14 '13 at 11:30

A band's maximum height is the height of the page without top and bottom margin, a split of a single band over multiple pages is not possible. Depending on your report design you might add a second detail band and move items for the second page there. In order to enforce a page break you can utilize a page break element.

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