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How to transpose "foo" and "bar" in "foo and bar" in emacs with the least number of key strokes?


foo and bar


bar and foo
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2 Answers

Another way:

A numeric prefix of 0 to M-t will transpose the word ending after the mark with the word ending after the point.

So, if ^ is mark and | is point:

f^oo and ba|r

will become, after pressing M-0 M-t:

|bar and ^foo

So, in your example, if you are typing foo and bar|, the key sequence can be C-space M-3 M-b M-0 M-t (set mark at end of line, back 3 words to foo, transpose those words).

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+1: very neat.. –  High Performance Mark Feb 14 '13 at 13:40
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Here's one way (starting from the beginning of the phrase): M-t M-t M-m M-t.

If there's text on the line before foo, replace M-m with M-b M-b.

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