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I would like to represent data that gives an overview but allows them to drill down in an inline fashion - so if you had a grouping of say 6 objects the user could expand the data and it would show the 6 objects immeadiately below it before any more high level data.

It would appear that MSHFlexgrid gives this ability but I can't find any information about actually using it, or what it's limitations are (can you have differing number of fields and/or can they have different spacing, what about column headers, indentation at for the start, etc).

I found this site, but the images are broken (in ie8 and ff3.5). Google searches show people just using the flat data representation but nothing using the hierarchical properties). Does anyone know any good tutorials or forums with a good discussion about pitfalls?

Due to lack of information about using it, I am thinking of coding my own version but if anyone has done work in this area I haven't found it - I would of thought it would be a natural wish for data representation. If someone has coded a version of this (any language) then I wouldn't mind reading about it - maybe my idea of how to do it wouldn't be the best way.

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You might want to check out vbAccelerator. He has a Multi-Column Treeview control that sounds like what you may be looking for. He gives you the source and has some pretty decent samples.

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This is similar to what I would like but with differing number of columns for the overview and detailed view. I will look into this further. Thanks. –  graham.reeds Sep 28 '09 at 14:03

The MSHFlexGrid reference pages and the "using the MSHFlexGrid" topic in the Visual Basic manual?
Sorry if you've already looked at these!

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I'd seen the second - which you list erroneously as an example - but not the first. Nor do they show how to use the heirarchical feature of the grid. –  graham.reeds Sep 29 '09 at 8:56

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