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I've got a JSP page, which calls a function and checks its return value. If the return value is not null, the JSP page goes on to use it. If the return value IS null, I want the processing of the JSP page to stop (this is because the function will perform a redirect before returning the null object. Also, the rest of the JSP code obviously uses this object, and will get a null pointer exception if the function returned null).

So my question is, what is the right way of stopping the load of a JSP page? Can I do something like this:

if (Func() == null) { return; }

Or is using a return in the middle of a JSP not the cleaner way to go about this?


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Regardless of how to terminate processing of a JSP early, I would suggest handling flow control in a servlet prior to handling the display, and switch to an appropriate JSP depending on the outcome of the function call.

I tend to use JSPs purely for displaying the contents of a bean (or more than one), and all logic is contained within the invoking servlet. By doing this you get a much cleaner separation of concerns between your components, and a more easily comprehensible and debuggable system.

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This would probably be the best thing to do, but I can't change the current architecture of the project I'm working on (not worth the time right now). – Edan Maor Sep 28 '09 at 19:30

Since 2.0, there is a standard way:

throw new javax.servlet.jsp.SkipPageException();
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If you really really want to do this I would suggest something like the following

..some jsp..
   if (iWantToKeepProcessing) {
..someother stuff..


I have to agree with Brian though and say that you should avoid entering the JSP if possible. This might not be available to you if you are handling a post/get directly targeting a dynamic JSP file rather than a controller/servlet.

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Brian's answer is a good advice, but it does not answer the question clearly.

The answer is YES. Bulk of JSP is converted to a method _jspService, which is being run when JSP is "executed", and since it is a regular function, that does cleanup in finally block, it is safe to return.

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