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What's the best way to add database changes management to a continuous integration scenario? I've read some questions and answers but they are from 2009 and there are surely some techniques and tools that were developed in the meantime.

I'm using TFS 2010, but that's not the point. I'm interested in the concept of how to manage database changes alongside continuous integration. Any ideas?

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I'd recommend the Red Gate stack with SQL Source and Compare - it definitely can go a long way to having a fully working CI environment with sql integration

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Red Gate looks very interesting, with the downside of being a commercial product. I found and tested RoundhousE, seems to cover every need I have. And it's free :) Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. – Dante Feb 14 '13 at 20:21
A new (free for up to five databases) Redgate tool that assists with tracking changes to your pipeline is DLM Dashboard - – David Atkinson Aug 10 at 12:12

We've successfully used Liquibase for database change management.

Using the best pratices you can define several changelogs for database and keep all the environments up to date with help of your CI server (in our case, TeamCity).

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I looked into it and I didn't like the fact that you need to configure your scripts through XML. I looked into RoundhousE and I prefer the approach they have, you basically create SQL scripts, no XML with changelogs involved. But thank you for your answer, always good to know what's out there. Cheers – Dante Feb 14 '13 at 20:22

Apart from Red Gate tools you can also try using ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Version to accomplish the same thing.

You can’t go wrong with any of these tools and if you want a third option you can check out tools from Idera.

Note that all of these are commercial tools though but they all do have 14-30 day trial.

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We've just release our Database Enforced Change Management solution (a commercial solution), DBmaestro TeamWork, for the SQL Server.

It enforces the version control process on the real database objects (and not on scripts which are disconnected from the database)

It generates the sql script to promote changes using baseline aware analysis which understand the nature of the change such as: change should be ignored as it was originated from a different branch or critical fix or there is a conflict and you must merge the procedure code.

Disclaimer – I'm working at DBmaestro.

Having said that I would encourage you to read a comprehensive, unbiased review on Database Enforced Management Solution by veteran Database expert Ben Taylor which he posted on LinkedIn

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