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hey there just a simple one that i cant seem to get right.

i am implementing the royal slider on the site i am working on. i have it running inside a image of a laptop, what i would like is when you are scrolling through the images for there to be a caption at the bottom of each image. i am just using simple images so the documentation here recommended that i just use the alt in the image and the plugin will just pick it up, only that it doesnt.

my HTML looks like this:

<div class="laptopBg">
  <img src="/images/laptop.png" class="imgBg" width="707" height="400">
  <div id="slider-toolkit" class="royalSlider rsDefaultInv">
    <img src="/images/t1.jpg" alt="the toolkit landing page" />
    <img src="/images/t2.jpg"/>
    <img src="/images/t3.jpg"/>
    <img src="/images/t4.jpg"/>

the settings i have in my royal slider are the following:

 function makeRoyalSlider(systemName) {
   $('#slider-' + systemName).royalSlider({
    autoHeight: false,
    arrowsNav: true,
    arrowsNavAutoHide: false,
    fadeInLoadedSlide: false,
    globalCaption:true, //this is the option they say is required for rendering captions.
    controlNavigationSpacing: 0,
    controlNavigation: 'bullets',
    imageScaleMode: 'fill',
    imageAlignCenter: true,
    loop: false,
    loopRewind: true,
    numImagesTopReload: 6,
    keyboardNavEnabled: true,
    autoScaleSlider: true,  
    autoScaleSliderWidth: 486,     
    autoScaleSliderHeight: 315

has anyone worked with the royal slider?? or had a similar situation that you got through?? i did try using something simular with this

 <figure class="rsCaption">This caption <b>HTML</b> text will be used.</figure>

so that the class "rsCaption" is present but that just creates a new slide between the images

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