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I am using OData4ObjC, want to know is there a way to add/update/delete an entry in a table without using proxy classes. Just similar way the OData4j for Android does


OEntity havinaCola = c.getEntity("Products", 3).execute();

I am currently using proxy classes for the same as mentioned below,

proxy = [[serviceEntities alloc] initWithUri:@"sampleservices/producer.svc/" credential:nil];
QueryOperationResponse *response = [proxy execute:@"customers"];
NSMutableArray *array = [response getResult];


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I have found one way to do the same i.e., as mentioned in the book written by Author 'Matthew Baxter-Reynolds' 'Multimobile Development (Building applications for the iPhone and Android Platform)' suggests method how to GET/UPDATE/DELETE/ADD entries.

Hope this is useful.


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