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I have a MYSQL INSERT that is very very long. MYSQL freezes for some minutes and after unfreeze no data has been inserted.

Is there something wrong with my INSERT query?

INSERT INTO polim_inventory_transactions 
(item, type, warehouse, quantity, date) 
(100004, 'Inventory Tr', 'BFL', 354.0000, '2013-01-31'),
(100007, 'Purchase Rec', 'BFL', 23552.0000, '2013-01-15'),
(100206, 'Inventory Tr', 'BFL', 125.0000, '2013-01-08'),
(100206, 'Inventory Tr', 'BFL', 75.0000, '2013-01-09'),
(100206, 'Inventory Tr', 'BFL', 100.0000, '2013-01-09'), ....
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do you have many index added on the table? because too much indexes could slow INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statement. –  John Woo Feb 14 '13 at 9:48

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If this is MyISAM table than you can try locking it before insert. Also, if you have keys on this table, disabling them can be helpful too:

ALTER TABLE polim_inventory_transactions DISABLE KEYS;

In general, you can see more tips here: Bulk Data Loading for MyISAM Tables

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Thank you! Disabling keys did the trick. Now the query executes under 3 seconds. –  mend Feb 14 '13 at 11:00
Note: you need to enable keys after INSERT is finished. This is the stage that takes time if you have many/large keys. –  vadchen Feb 14 '13 at 11:04

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