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How can we display form errors out side of form. I know it can be displayed inside of form using <sf:errors path="nb"></sf:errors>. If I want to display it in separate div how can I do it? I am new to spring so please guide me.

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You could, if you're planning to display all error messages simultaneously, using the following taglib.

<%@taglib uri="http://www.springframework.org/tags" prefix="spring" %>

Something like,

<spring:hasBindErrors htmlEscape="true" name="someBean">
    <c:if test="${errors.errorCount gt 0}">
    <h4>The error list :</h4>
    <font color="red">
      <c:forEach items="${errors.allErrors}" var="error">
        <spring:message code="${error.code}"

Note that the name attribute name="someBean" of the tag <spring:hasBindErrors/> is your actual command object which is bound to your form.

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