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I'm having this problem.

too much recursion

and it points to underscore.js

// Extend a given object with all the properties in passed-in object(s).
_.extend = function(obj) {
  each(, 1), function(source) {
     if (source) {
       for (var prop in source) {
          obj[prop] = source[prop];
return obj;

By the way I'm using Backbone 0.9.10, jQuery 1.8.2, jQuery Mobile 1.2.0, require 2.1.4, and underscore 1.4.4

Here is my main.js

    jquery : 'libs/jQuery/1.8.2/jquery-1.8.2',
    mobile : 'libs/jQuery/jMobile/1.2.0/',
    base64 : 'libs/base64/webtoolkit.base64',
    backbone : 'libs/backbone/0.9.10/backbone',
    localstorage : 'libs/backbone/localstorage/backbone.localStorage',
    underscore : 'libs/underscore/1.4.4/underscore',
    text : 'libs/require/2.1.4/text/text',
    template : '../template'

 shim: {
    backbone: { deps: ["underscore", "jquery", "mobile"], exports: "Backbone" },
    underscore: { exports: "_" }


// Load our app module and pass it to our definition function
], function(Router){


So my question is does Backbone 0.9.10 incompatible with underscore 1.4.4? Also they are both AMD versions I got hte

When I try to downgrade Backbone to 0.9.2 while underscore is 1.4.4 it works the problem is I want Backbone to be updated. Any Ideas? Thanks

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_.extend itself is not recursive. What's the stack trace? – Bergi Feb 14 '13 at 11:20
Just to answer your question, Backbone 0.9.10 is compatible with underscore 1.4.4. Most likely your issue is not related to underscore's extend directly, that's just the method that happens to create the call stack frame that exceeds the maximum allowed. As Bergi suggested, the solution is in the stack trace. – jevakallio Feb 14 '13 at 13:25
sorry for being so dumb but how would I retrieve the stack trace? I'm using firefox and firebug – Dreyfus15 Feb 15 '13 at 1:40
It should be part of the error which is logged in the console; maybe you need to expand it to show all properties – Bergi Feb 16 '13 at 11:18

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