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Evidently I didn't include enough data, sorry!

What I need to do is set 'campaign_Status' = 6 when 'campaign_Date' is more than 90 days old.


I have a column (campaign_Date) which stores a DATETIME. Using a Stored Procedure I need to check if the stored date is 90 days old (or more).

Any help would be great.


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Do you mean you want to return all rows from the table where Campaign_Date is more than 90 days old? – Raj More Sep 28 '09 at 14:03

This will return all old campaigns:

FROM    mytable
WHERE   campaign_Date <= DATEADD(day, -90, GETDATE())

This will select 1 if campaign is old, 0 otherwise:

SELECT  CASE WHEN campaign_Date <= DATEADD(day, -90, GETDATE()) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
FROM    mytable

Note that the first query condition is sargable: it will allow using an index to filter the dates.

This will update all old campaigns with status 6:

UPDATE  mytable
SET     campaign_status = 6
WHERE   campaign_Date <= DATEADD(day, -90, GETDATE())
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See the DateAdd function

FROM MyTable
WHERE Campaign_Date <= DateAdd (d, -90, GetDate())
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Here's a variation on the previous answers, wrapped in a stored procedure (as seemed to be asked):

CREATE PROC sp_Campaign_Archive AS

    UPDATE [Campaign Table]
    SET Campaign_Status = 6
    WHERE DateDiff(day,Campaign_Date,GetDate()) >= 90

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SELECT IIF(DATEDIFF(d, campaign_date, getdate()) >= 90, true, false) 
AS IsNinetyOrMoreDaysOld
FROM myTable

EDIT: If you wish to pick records which are 90 or more days old,

SELECT campaign_date
FROM myTable
WHERE DATEDIFF(d, campaign_date, getdate()) >= 90
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select campaign_Date, 
    case when getdate() - campaign_Date >= 90 then 'yes' else 'no' end as Is90DaysOldOrMore
from MyTable


You can update the records like this:

update MyTable
set campaign_Status = 6
where getdate() - campaign_Date >= 90

Because this status will go out of date rapidly because it is date-dependent, you could make it a calculated column instead.

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@Munklefish: see my update – RedFilter Sep 28 '09 at 15:44

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