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AX allows arrays to be defined, but while fetching information through the .NET Business Connector, it shows as a single field. E.g: Dimension is set by:

// and so on...

How do I know how many fields "Dimension" have?

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AX supports a compile time function dimOf to return the count, but that is not available from .Net!

To rescue comes the DictField class:

X++ code:

DictField df = new DictField(tablenum(CustTable), fieldnum(CustTable, AccountNum));   
if (df)  
    print strfmt("The arraySize is %1.", df.arraySize());  

You can make a X++ utility function, then call that:

static int arraySize(str tableName, str fieldName)
    DictField df = new DictField(tableName2Id(tableName), fieldName2Id(tableName2Id(tableName), fieldName)));   
    return df ? df.arraySize() : -1;  
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thank you. its working. –  semantic_c0d3r Feb 19 '13 at 8:02

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