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I'm working my way through Programming Pig by Alan Gates and I get an error in the script introducing the power of macros:

-- Given daily input and a particular year, analyze how
-- stock prices changed on days dividends were paid out.
define dividend_analysis (daily, year, daily_symbol, daily_open, daily_close)
returns analyzed {
divs          = load 'NYSE_dividends' as (exchange:chararray,
                    symbol:chararray, date:chararray, dividends:float);
divsthisyear  = filter divs by date matches '$year-.*';
dailythisyear = filter $daily by date matches '$year-.*';
jnd           = join divsthisyear by symbol, dailythisyear by $daily_symbol;
$analyzed     = foreach jnd generate dailythisyear::$daily_symbol,
                    $daily_close - $daily_open;

daily   = load 'NYSE_daily' as (exchange:chararray, symbol:chararray,
        date:chararray, open:float, high:float, low:float, close:float,
        volume:int, adj_close:float);
results = dividend_analysis(daily, '2009', 'symbol', 'open', 'close');

The error is the unexpected $ sign after the double colon in dailythisyear::$daily_symbol.

How would you solve this without replacing the line by:

$analyzed = foreach jnd generate divsthisyear::symbol, $daily_close - $daily_open;
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Parameter substitution cannot be used inside of macros. Parameters should be explicitly passed to macros and parameter substitution used only at the top level.

You can use the -dryrun command line argument to see how the macros are expanded in-line.

So anyways you cannot go for parameter usage in Macro this way.

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Is there any source to support your answer? Because this example comes from the book Programming Pig and is the example of parameter substitution within a macro, so it sounds strange that it is by definition not working. Is is a version-dependent situation? Or even the newest Pig version is not allowing this? – ATN Mar 30 '13 at 17:20
1 (Source of answer) For version dependencies you will have to see to it. I am not really sure. – Gargi Apr 3 '13 at 5:11

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