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I want to change below

[{'course_id': '8'}, {'course_id': '16'}]


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Using a list comprehension:

[x['course_id'] for x in data]

Or using operator.itemgetter[docs]:

map(itemgetter('course_id'), data)
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Based on phant0m's answer here's a speed comparison of the two variations:

import timeit
import operator
setup = "data = [{'course_id': '8'}, {'course_id': '16'}]; import operator"

print timeit.timeit( "[x['course_id'] for x in data]", setup, number=1000000 )
# [x['course_id'] for x in data]
# Result: 0.219176683582

print timeit.timeit( "map(operator.itemgetter('course_id'), data)", setup, number=1000000 )
# map(operator.itemgetter('course_id')
# Result: 0.476915375646

With a longer dictionary the difference gets smaller:

# [x['course_id'] for x in data]
# Result: 1.65939845357

# map(operator.itemgetter('course_id')
# Result: 1.85912657123

It's likely the overhead from the function calls.

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