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I've noticed that a few Wordpress blogs have query statistics present in their footer that simply state the number of queries and the total time required to process them for the particular page, reading something like:

23 queries. 0.448 seconds

I was wondering how this is accomplished. Is it through the use of a particular Wordpress plug-in or perhaps from using some particular php function in the page's code?

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Try adding this to the bottom of the footer in your template:

<?php echo $wpdb->num_queries; ?> <?php _e('queries'); ?>. <?php timer_stop(1); ?> <?php _e('seconds'); ?>
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or wp-admin/admin-footer.php if you want it to show in the backend admin panel. – Phil_1984_ Sep 26 at 14:02

To explain pix0r's code:

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wordpress has a easy solution now

There is a function called get_num_queries() and as specified in other answers timer_stop().

<?php echo get_num_queries(); _e(' queries'); ?> in <?php timer_stop(1); _e(' seconds'); ?></p>

get_num_queries() - returns the number of database queries during the WordPress execution and accepts no parameters

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Is there a way to put this in the backend admin panel too? – Phil_1984_ Sep 25 at 12:52
get_num_queries() function is a global function. The above snippet should work in backend admin panel (wp-admin area). – Manoj H L Sep 26 at 13:04
Thanks. The best place for this is at the end of wp-admin/admin-footer.php – Phil_1984_ Sep 26 at 13:53

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