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I have an Eloquent model Article, which has a column title_url, which should be unique, so there may not exist two articles with the same title_url. I don't want to return an error if two such articles already exist, I'd just like to change one's title_url silently. So instead of super-article, it's title_url would be super-article-2.

How can I do that in Laravel 4? Maybe using mutators? If yes, what would be the best way?

Bear in mind that I'd like the transformation of title_url happen silently and everytime it's necessary (update, insert).

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In the lastest Beta 4 build of Laravel 4, there is now an option to hook into create and update events:

Added Model::creating(Closure) and Model::updating(Closure) methods for hooking into Eloquent save events. Thank Phil Sturgeon for finally pressuring me into doing this... :)

So this would seem to be the perfect fit for what you want. Just create a hook into the create() of your model, and create a simple function that checks for the title_url you are about to insert, and if it exists, change it to something else, then insert.

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