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i need to register to the events of the actions in elgg framework ( like making a post or adding a friend) Is there a way of doing so ?

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In the bundled Developer Tools plugin you can inspect all registered actions, events, and plugin hooks and what handler functions are bound to them. You can use functions like elgg_register_event_handler and elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler to register callbacks on events/hooks that occur.

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Actions like posting a blog or making a comment can be registered into the Elgg actions system through this API (eventually saved in $CONFIG->actions as an array):

elgg_register_action($action, $filename = "", ...)

After you have registered an action, you can perform it by the URL http://elggsite.org/action/action_name/ either through form post or ajax.

The action_name url segment correspond to the first parameter passed in the elgg_register_action() API.

Furthermore, you can dump all actions registered into Elgg by


after Elgg finishes booting.

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