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I'm doing a project in WPF-C# and I put a new label on my project, but it simple doesn't appear when I start debugging, as you can see on the image. I alredy checked IsEnabled, visibility/opacity, deleting and putting a new one, if the label is in front of the background etc, and everything is ok. I didn't have this problem with other elementes of the project... I didn't even wrote the code for it, just put on the grid. Does anyone know how to fix?


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Please, when you find your answer post it as an answer to your own question. So it can help other users who have the same/similar problem. =) – Michel Ayres Feb 19 '13 at 17:41

Took a while, but after formatting my PC, reinstaling Windows, drivers, programs, etc. The label finally appeared.

I still don't know exactly what happened. But this is how I "fixed" it.

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