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How can I create the dialog preference in code ?

        MyDialog dialog=new MyDialog(getActivity() );

This is in my xml file, and it works fine when called prom preference screen

<!-- Custom Dialog -->
        android:key="key" android:title="title"
        android:positiveButtonText="yes" android:dialogMessage="message" />

this is my class

public class MyDialog extends DialogPreference {
    private Context c;

    public MyDialog(Context c)
    //is null correct ?
        this.oContext = oContext;

    public MyDialog(Context c, AttributeSet attrs)
        super(c, attrs);        
        this.c = c;

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DialogPreference has no DialogPreference (Context context) constructor, so, why do you define a MyDialog(Context c) constructor? Usually, you don't need that constructor, just the second one.

I have never used DialogPreference before, but you should be able to create your custom class the same way as the base one.

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How can I create in code ? , can you give me example ? – Lukap Feb 14 '13 at 12:26
What have you tried? Look for DialogPreference uses in Java code, I have never used it. Any example would fit for your extended class, don't worry for it. – thelawnmowerman Feb 14 '13 at 12:28

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