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the sample is from Display Media Uploader in Own Plugin on Wordpress 3.5:

<script type="text/javascript">
var file_frame;

jQuery('.button-secondary').live('click', function( event ){


    if ( file_frame ) {

    file_frame = wp.media.frames.file_frame = wp.media(
            title: 'Select File',
            button: {
                text: jQuery( this ).data( 'uploader_button_text' )
            multiple: false

    file_frame.on('select', function() {
        attachment = file_frame.state().get('selection').first().toJSON();


The problem is about

file_frame.on('select', function() {...});

dont returns DYNAMIC html. I've tried code like this:

jQuery(document).on('select', file_frame, function() {...});
jQuery(document).on('select', file_frame.el, function() {...});

but not working...

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why not .on( instead of the old .live( ? –  NoBugs Mar 8 '13 at 3:49
live will be deprecated soon as i know... I loved live(( –  Igor Sazonov Mar 10 '13 at 19:21

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The window.send_to_editor(html) is called for compatibility reasons even in the new uploader, but I don't think that will work when called this way. You can use the attributes of the object that you selected, and create a link/image html.

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yes i can, but i cant return image with pseudo-link that will works from this dynamic html-element –  Igor Sazonov Mar 10 '13 at 19:25
What do you mean? What is the value of attachment your code? –  NoBugs Mar 10 '13 at 23:00
attachment is an JSON object with info about selected attachment –  Igor Sazonov Mar 17 '13 at 14:37

I fought with what I think was a similar problem. Part of the trouble was that upon upload, the first attachment object is empty and causes an error.

Here is my code example that outputs HTML as I need it on my site:

// When images are selected, place IDs in hidden custom field and show thumbnails. file_frame.on( 'select', function() {

var selection = file_frame.state().get('selection');

// Show Thumbs
var attachment_thumbs = selection.map( function( attachment ) {
  attachment = attachment.toJSON();
  if( attachment.id != '' ) { return '<img src="' + attachment.sizes.thumbnail.url + '" id="id-' + attachment.id + '" />'; }
}).join(' ');


Hope this helps!

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