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I have a Tomcat server running a large application. It has two classes similar to this example:

public abstract class ClassA {
  private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(ClassA.class);
  // ...
  public File methodA(ICancellable cancel) {
    URL request = new URL("an URL");
    LOGGER.debug("Calling ClassB.methodB(type)");
    File f = classB.methodB(request, "type", cancel);
    LOGGER.debug("The call to ClassB.methodB(type)"
                 + " returned the File==" + f);
    // ...

public class ClassB {
  private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(ClassB.class);
  // ...
  public static synchronized File methodB(URL url, String type, 
                                          ICancellable cancel) 
    final String thisMethodsName = "ClassB.methodB(url: " + url 
                           + ", type:" + type + ", cancel: " + cancel + ")";
    LOGGER.debug("Entering method: " + thisMethodsName);
    // ...
    return f;

The application works properly, and ClassA.methodA() initially calls succesfully to ClassB.methodB(), as I can see in the log files:

14/02/2013 12:34:56 DEBUG ClassA:123 - Calling ClassB.methodB(type)
14/02/2013 12:34:56 DEBUG ClassB:456 - Entering method: ClassB.methodB(url: anURL, type: type, cancel: @1234);
14/02/2013 12:34:56 DEBUG ClassA:125 - The call to ClassB.methodB(type) returned the File=="aFile".

My problem is after the server is working for some time, it stops calling ClassB.methodB(). the application gets hung and it simply writes this to the log:

14/02/2013 12:34:56 DEBUG ClassA:123 - Calling ClassB.methodB(type)

That's the last line of the log file. ClassB.methodB() isn't actually called.

I suspected it could be due to opened resources that werent closed, but I'm trying to locate all the code that did that, and after fixsing so, it still happens.

What can be causing this? How can I continue searching for the cause?

JVM version: 1.6.0_13 Tomcat version: 6.0.18

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I assume may be in extreme cases when the file gets REALLY huge (i.e. GB+), it take more time to append to it. –  Muhammad Gelbana Feb 14 '13 at 11:55
Have you checked that the previous call to ClassB.methodB has actually finished? –  Qwerky Feb 14 '13 at 11:55
The downloaded file is not larger than similar (or even the same) file downloaded the times it works. Anyway, I've waited several hours and the application still does nothing. –  J.A.I.L. Feb 14 '13 at 11:57
@J.A.I.L. its a static sync method, only the last call may ever be not finished. –  Qwerky Feb 14 '13 at 12:01
Have you checked whether there are any interdependent/deadlock method calls? –  aksappy Feb 14 '13 at 12:04

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Is it possible that there is a thread deadlock bug involving some code that you didn't paste? Your ClassB.methodB method is synchronized. You probably have some other thread that is holding and not releasing the synchronized lock on ClassB.class, preventing the thread that is doing the logging from ever acquiring that lock and entering the method.

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ClassB.methodB was creating a third thread (let's call it thread3), and waiting for that thread to finish. It never happened, as was waiting for an InputStream which never was granted. So thread1 was in ClassB.methodB waiting for thread3 to finish. As it never happened, thread1 never left the synchronized method, so threa2 calling from ClassA.methodA could never enter in it. –  J.A.I.L. Feb 27 '13 at 11:01
  1. Enable the debug mode and assign breakpoints in your code. Use IDE ( preferrably eclipse) to go step by step.
  2. Eclipse has plugins like findbugs or PMD to scan the code and find out possible bugs.
  3. Manually go through every conditions, method calls, loops to see flaws.

If you have written the complete app, then you would know where to look at. If not, it would still be good to check all that is written

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The error didn't happen in my development machine, only when running in a server. With this certain development environment, I can't debug this problem in a development station, as they have no access to internet and the downloaded files must come from internet servers. –  J.A.I.L. Feb 14 '13 at 12:26

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