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I have html string and SpannableString in this string and put all in TextView, and problem in SpannableString, he not shown in Html.fromhtml(), how i can show SpannableString in Html.fromHtml Is it possible?

    for(int index = 0; index < l.length; index++){ // have3d() return SpannableString
            x += "<font color=\"green\">"+ have3d(title[index])+ " </font> <br />"+l[index] + "<br/><br/>";
            if(index == l.length-1){
                x += "<font color=\"green\">"+title[index]+" </font> <br />"+l[index]+ "<br/>";
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1 Answer

Html.fromHtml returns a Spanned, that you can convert to a SpannableString this way:

SpannableString text = new SpannableString(Html.fromHtml(x));

And then set it calling:

mcinema.setText(text, BufferType.SPANNABLE);
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