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Fellow overflowers,

I am working with a database to sort several other databases and change some values so my scada application can use the values in the database.

Now I have encountered the following problem:

I have a column called "Name" and in this column are string values like this one:


From this string I'd like to cut (or copy, doesn't really make a difference eitherway) the "[7]" part and paste this behind whatever I have in a different column.

So for example:

I have a column "Address" and a column "Name" I want to take the [7] from the Name Column and paste that behind the already existing string "DB32,7.3" wich exists in the column Address

How can I possibly do this? Preferably with a query

Thanks in advance!

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How about:

UPDATE ATable SET AField2 = Mid(AField,instr(AField,"[")) & AField2

You might like to add

WHERE AField Like "*[[]*"

[ is a special character, so it need to be bracketed for the Like statement, as illustrated.

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Thanks alot! this seems to work :D –  Gutanoth Feb 14 '13 at 12:14

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