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I'm trying to import behaviors in to blend, can anyone help me?

I'm a designer not a coder so would like to know the easy import rout for this in Blend?

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Please. Be more polite -> "How do to import behaviors into expression blean?" –  Thomas Jung Sep 29 '09 at 10:59

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Right, so there are couple of options:

  1. (The option Christian mentioned). Make sure the library in which your behaviours are in is referenced by your project. The Asset Gallery should auto populate with those behaviours.

  2. (The option dave mentioned). Add the source code for the behaviours in your project or somewhere in your solution referenced by the Silverlight project.

  3. Drop your Behaviours library into the following directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 3\Libraries\Silverlight\v3.0 (location varies based on your machine configuration) Once you do that and restart Blend it should pick up on those Behaviours. (But give it a minute, there's a lag to scan these directories)

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Thanks very much. I'm a designer not a coder so don't really know what all this means. I really want to find out from a design perspective how to import behaviors into Blend much like how I would import brushes and shapes in photoshop. –  brightmist.co.uk Sep 29 '09 at 10:19

If your project references a custom Behavior, it should show up in the list of behaviors. The behavior must be in a class file in your project, or your project must reference an assembly that contains the behavior.

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To extend on this, custom behaviors come as libraries or source code. If you have a library (a file with the extension .dll), you have to add a reference to that dll to your project. You can do that by going to the project pane, right clicking on the project node and selecting Add Reference. If you have a SketchFlow project, you may have to add the behavior to both the player project and the screens project.

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