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I would like to know how to hide a form element based on 2 criteria ,the type and the value. I have a button that has a value of "Save". So the input is type:button, value:Save. Is it possible to hide the button based on these 2 criteria. The reason I'm asking is there are other elements on the page that have the same value but different types. I was using this which (of course) does not work:

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Why don't you add an id to that particular input?

<input id="button-id" type="button" value="Save" />

That way you wouldn't need to worry about accessing that particular input tag over type and value as it would be unique in the DOM.

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a filter could work

$("input[type=button]").filter(function() {
 var buttonvalue = this.value;
 return buttonvalue === 'save';
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You want a multiple attribute selector


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