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I have GWT application and I need to use files, generated for client side in Java EE application that doesn't use GWT. Actually, I just want to include my_app.nocache.js in some html page.

This part works fine, problems begin when my_app.nocache.js tries to load other resources, generated by GWT (other *.js files and *.css files). But I have all my resources in /_resources/mypackage/ and my_app.nocache.js doesn't know anything about this and tries to load just my_name.css instead of /_resources/mypackage/my_name.css

Is there any way to set up path for GWT to generate resource files, so it wold be same, as I use in my Java application?

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I've tried using this this solution, but it didn't work for me - js files are in the same directory as before. – anna239 Feb 15 '13 at 13:27
Why you don't want to place my_app.nocache.js into /_resources/mypackage/ and in html code point to /_resources/mypackage/my_app.nocache.js? – domax Jun 10 '13 at 15:11

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