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I am working on an ERP type system using Microsoft Access and WPF. I have some questions on how to bind information to some textboxes and tree view selection. So, before I ask the question, let me provide the background on what I have done already.

I have the following tables in my database:

Table: tbl_Vendors
Column: ID - Autonumber
Column: Name - string(75)

Table: tbl_Departments
Column: ID - Autonumber
Column: Name - string(100)

Table: tbl_Products
Column: ID - Autonumber
Column: Department - Number (linked to tbl_Departments.ID)
Column: Description - string(255)
Column: UPC - string(12)
Column: Price - currency

Table: tbl_Product_Vendor_Cost
Column: VendorID - number (linked to tbl_Vendors.ID)
Column: ProductID - number (linked to tbl_Products.ID)
Column: Cost - Currency

On my XAML window, I have a Treeview that I use a Hierarchal Data Template to work with the data, it displays the products, sorted by the department. Here are the resources that I use:

        <!-- The data template for the products-->
        <DataTemplate x:Key="productTemplate">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Name}"/>

        <!-- The data template for the departments-->
        <HierarchicalDataTemplate x:Key="treeViewTemplate" ItemsSource="{Binding Department2Product}" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource productTemplate}">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Name}"/>

In the window's XAML file, I have the treeview called out as such:

<TreeView Name="lstProducts" ItemsSource="{Binding tbl_Departments}" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource treeViewTemplate}" AlternationCount="2" SelectedValuePath="ID"/>

In the window's .cs file I have the following method defined:

Public void UpdateUI() {
    DataSet outResult;
    If (ProductsDatabase.TryToGetProductsDataset(out outResult)) {
        this.tvwProducts.DataContext = outResult;

The UpdateUI method is called whenever a change is made to the product, or whenever the InitializeComponent method is run as well. So, now that that is all shown, here's my actual question. I have some textboxes on the window, when I select a product, I would like the textboxes to be filled with the data from the selected product. I would either like to ignore any departments that are selected, or prevent the actual selection of the departments altogether, either way works. I am going to try a couple of other things as well as I anxiously await any answers from here.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any answers that can be given.

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So, I went a different direction with this.

The treeview gets it's own DataSet as it's data context. I then use the same data template and hierarchal data template to display the information. Then, in the code behind, I just made sure that, when the TreeView's SelectedValueChanged event is called, I check to see if the selected DataRowView's DataRow is from the proper table. If it is, then I pull the product information from the database and put it into the control's data context at runtime.

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