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function updateGrid(data) { // appending the retrieved data(user details) to the grid
        var i = 0;
        var content;
        $("#GridView1").append("<tr><th>" + "Name" + "</th><th>" + "Gender" + "</th><th>" + "Date of Birth" + "</th><th>" + "Role" + "</th><th>" + "Password" + "</th><th>" + "Email" + "</th><th>" + "Edit" + "</th></tr>");
        while (data[i] != null)
            $("#GridView1").append("<tr><td>" + data[i].name + "</td><td>" + data[i].gender + "</td><td>" + data[i].dob + "</td><td>" + data[i].role + "</td><td>" + data[i].password + "</td><td>" + data[i].email + "</td><td>" + "<button id=btnEdit  onclick='test()'>Edit</button>" + "</td></tr>");// HERE I M DYNAMICALLY CREATING A BUTTON IN THE LAST. WHEN I CLICK IT IT CALLS TEST().HOW CAN I SEND THE DATA IN THIS ROW TO THAT TEST() FUNCTION IN ORDER TO ACCES THEM
    function test() {

        alert('edit button is clicked');

This is my code. Using jquery ajax i am getting data from the db and dynamicaaly adding to the grid, and also i m creating an edit button in the end of the row. I am calling the method test() on buttonclick. How to send the values of the current row to that test() funcation or how can i access them in the test() function...

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Have a look at the on() function using the delegation method - – Jay Blanchard Feb 14 '13 at 12:56

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Something like that:

$("#GridView1").append("<tr id="+data[i]+"><td>" + data[i].name + "</td><td>" + data[i].gender + "</td><td>" + data[i].dob + "</td><td>" + data[i].role + "</td><td>" + data[i].password + "</td><td>" + data[i].email + "</td><td>" + "<button id=btnEdit  onclick='test("+data[i].Id+")'>Edit</button>" + "</td></tr>");

function test(id) {

    Here use jquery selector to access the <tr> by id, then you can operate with the data in it.
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its is not working Maris. – Ebenezar Feb 14 '13 at 14:05

Give the Edit button a class, then use jquery to access that class and its parent to get the data

"<button id=btnEdit class='edit'>Edit</button>"

$('.edit').click(function(e){ // pass in e to find the button clicked

    var row = $('tr'); // or var row = $(;


This will minimise the use of the same ID

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thanks for the response. I tried it but this function is not happening. when i use normal javascript funtion in the onclick even of the button, it is getting called.. but the problem is how to access the data. – Ebenezar Feb 14 '13 at 14:01

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