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I'm using jplayer for playing audio on a webpage, and when the page loads, the inspector and the player get loaded fine, but the bind function does not work. If I call it later from the console then it works fine.

    myCirclePlayer = new CirclePlayer("#jquery_jplayer_1",
        { mp3: flatplaylist[0] },
        { supplied: "mp3", }
    //does not work from here, but will work if I put this in the console.
    $(myCirclePlayer.audio).bind('ended',function (){ playNextFile(); }); 
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Here's my final code, which works fine.

var PlayerID = "#jquery_jplayer_1";
    myCirclePlayer = new CirclePlayer(PlayerID,{mp3: 'audio/'+mypl.playlist[0]},{supplied: "mp3",});
    $(PlayerID).bind($.jPlayer.event.ended, function (){ playNextFile(); });
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