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I use DB2 Express-C. I have ON INSERT trigger on a table, where I insert the new row into another table. Is there a way not to insert the new row into the table on which the trigger is defined?

Any help is appreciated, thank you

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Are you asking how you can avoid having the trigger fire on insert? – Ian Bjorhovde Feb 15 '13 at 16:37
Yes, exactly, on a table – namsaray Feb 21 '13 at 12:16

Take a look at create trigger and the INSTEAD OF option:

Specifies that the associated triggered action replaces the action against the subject view. Only one INSTEAD OF trigger is allowed for each kind of operation on a given subject view (SQLSTATE 428FP).

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INSTEAD OF only works on views – namsaray Feb 21 '13 at 12:17

Typically something like this can be done by evaluating whether a special register (e.g., CURRENT USER) has a particular value.

create trigger trigger1
    after insert on schema.table
    referencing new as n
    for each row
       insert into schema.tablecopy values (n.c1, n.c2, ...);

If you are on DB2 9.7 or later, you could also consider defining a variable and using that variable as a control of whether or not the trigger will perform its action.

create variable schema.var1 smallint default 0;

Then you can check the value of this variable in the trigger. Unless an application has explicitly set the variable to a predetermined value (-9999 in the example below), the trigger will fire:

create trigger trigger2
    after insert on schema.table
    referencing new as n
    for each row
    when (schema.var1 <> -9999)
       insert into schema.tablecopy values (n.c1, n.c2, ...);
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