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I have an image map with hover effects using ImageMapster.js... Next to the image is a list of text-links wich refer to certain areas of the image map areas. Is it possible to highlight the image map area when I hover over the text-link?


<img src="map.png" usemap="#ch" style="width:100%;">
<map id="usa_image_map" name="usa>
<area href="" state="ab" shape="poly" coords="259,256,275,257,..."><area href="" state="xy" shape="poly" coords="332,421,329,416,...">
<div id="links">
<a href="">ab</a><a href="">xy</a>
enter code here


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Try this:

    $("a", "#links").hover(
      function () {
        var state = $( this ).text();
        $( 'area[state="' + state +'"]').mapster('select');


This is an event which gets active when you hover the link list with the id="links". The var state holds the text of the hovered link, so when you hover <a href="">ab</a>, state is ab. With the selector $('area[state="' + state +'"]') you can find the area element of the map with the state attribute which equals the text of the hovered link. mapster('select') finally highlights the map area.

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