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I am working for two separate employers, on a project with similar goals. Both use Amazon EC2 for their servers, and both gave me an account to access their instances, with different userid and password pair, is it possible to have these 2 accounts be a subset of another account? So i can switch easily from one account to another from that main account?

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No, not unless you want the superset account to also assume billing responsibility for the sub-accounts. I'm pretty sure neither you nor either of your two employers would appreciate being billed for the composite EC2 usage of both...

From a working-practices viewpoint, however, you can configure ElasticFox with any number of different account configurations and switch between them at the click of a dropdown.

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okay. i was thinking that both of the accounts are exclusive of each other, but i have a 'manager' account. thanks for the answer –  ibaguio Feb 14 '13 at 14:20

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