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how to get the previous version of project once it is committed using GIT COLA GUI.

I have a C++ file in the project. i created that file on 13th feb. i made changes to that file on 14th feb and saved it. now i want to get back to version dat was saved on 13th feb. so how to do this using GIT COLA. this project is in GIT repository.

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do it from the hard way. git reset HEAD^1 --hard –  ogzd Feb 14 '13 at 14:02

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I don't seem to find that option directly through Git Cola.

Don't forget that, in command line, it is very easy to checkout by date:

git checkout master@{1 days ago} -- /path/to/file
git checkout master@{2013-02-13 01:00} -- /path/to/file

If you are talking just about the previous revision

git checkout HEAD^ -- /path/to/file

I should mention, as detailed in this blog post, that @{a date} refspec won't always work:

(won't always work) because it uses the reflog (which expires after some time).

The trick (as found on Nabble) is to lookup the revision on a certain date and check out that revision. This can be done in a single command:

git checkout `git rev-list -n 1 --before="2013-02-13 23:59" master` -- /path/to/file
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