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I would like to bind a DataGrid to an object, and not to a collection of objects,

My scenario is,

I have a single record with a few columns in the database that the user will keep updating,
and for UI design purposes we would like the user to update it through a DataGrid with a single row. As a work around, I created an ObserverbaleCollection and added that record, but I would like to do it the right way so please if someone could guide me.


p.s. as requested Below

here his the xaml for the datagrid i tried

<DataGrid CanUserAddRows="False" IsReadOnly="False" AutoGenerateColumns="False" ItemsSource="{Binding FacilityDefaults}">
        <DataGridTextColumn Header="Price " Binding="{Binding Price,UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus}"/>
        <DataGridTextColumn Header="Default Temperature" Binding="{Binding DefaultTemperature,UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus}"/>
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these kind of "is it possible?" questions make my blood boil... What have you Tried?? –  HighCore Feb 14 '13 at 14:11
tried binding it straight to the object, –  user873220 Feb 14 '13 at 14:13
then post the relevant code and XAML. –  HighCore Feb 14 '13 at 14:14
This is a very generic question with very little detail about the problem you are trying to solve. Nearly anything is possible with programming, but is it the ideal solution? No idea. This type of question is like going to the mechanic, telling him you hear this grinding noise from under the hood, and expecting an answer on the spot. –  Tom Feb 14 '13 at 14:15
Just a suggestion. Instead of "Is it possible..." Ask "How do I..." and post relevant code for what you have tried. If it is not possible, someone will let you know. –  TimWagaman Feb 14 '13 at 14:16
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Using a Datagrid as an edit mechanism for a single record seems like the wrong choice in the first place. A Datagrid is made to work with a collection of items not really a single item. But if you insist on using it in this manner, then binding to a collection with just your one record in it is the simplest way to make it work. A DataGrid's ItemsSource expects an IEnumerable (MSDN), so binding it to a single object would be awkward to say the least.

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