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I am debugging a vs2008 web application project using the custom web server option and some of the pages are using https. I can debug https pages. Using iis7/Vista.

The way I'm doing it is:

  • name of the self signed certificate is assigned to trucks
  • custom server url: http://trucks
  • hosts file: trucks
  • publish to http://trucks

I would think another way to do the same thing is to:

  • make a self signed certificate assigned to localhost
  • use the Local IIS Server option.

What is the difference between the two in terms of debugging and security?

The way I'm doing it now, I like not having localhost in the url, since http://trucks will more closely simulate the production environment. I also plan to implement custom url rewriting.

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There is not difference in terms of debugging and security.

But IMO, your approach (using trucks) is the best way, because with a localhost certificate you could be mistakenly be using other certificate installed to other site in the same machine.

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