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I have a web page containing a FormView. If user clicks the edit button it changes to Edit mode. I then have a Javascript onbeforeunload function which traps the user with a confirmation dialog if he or she attempts to navigate to a different page in the web site. It says 'You are in Edit Mode. Leave this page?'. However, I only want that confirmation to display if the user has made at least a single change to any of the FormView's controls. There are a lot of controls in the FormView. It seems silly to prompt the user even if he or she changed nothing.

So, in Javascript, is there a way to determine if any control has been changed, or must I implement client-side event handlers for each and every TextBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, and DropDownList on the page?

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Dirty Forms, a Jquery-based project may help.

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Possible duplicate? Check out the answers to this question. In jQuery you can listen to the form's change event, as changes to individual fields will bubble to it.

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