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Thanks to 'Beta' my solution:

RLS_DIRECTORY = $(shell svnversion -cn | sed 's/:/-/')
SVN_VERSION   = $(shell svnversion -cn | sed -r 's/.+://')
RELEASE_NOTES = $(RLS_DIRECTORY:=/release-notes-$(SVN_VERSION:=.txt))

-include svn-version.mk


.PHONY = all zip release

release: $(RELEASE_NOTES)

    mkdir -p $@

    @echo 'Creating release notes ($@)'
    @svn log -r $(SVN_OLD_VERSION):HEAD -v > $@ \
      && echo "SVN_OLD_VERSION ?= `svnversion -c | sed -r 's/.+://'`" \
       > svn-version.mk

Which in nutshell, when I ask make to do so (# make release) creates a version specific directory and then dumps the log data to a version specific log file since the last time the target was invoked. Persistent data (SVN_OLD_VERSION) is stored in svn-version.mk, which is conditionally included.

Original post:

Amongst other subversion specific targets in my project 'make' file (such as this) I've got some targets that I trying to add for the purposes of creating a log files from the last time the 'release' ' target was invoked. So far:

-include svn-version.mk

RLS_DIR = `svnversion -cn | sed 's/://'`

.PHONY = $(RLS_DIR) notes release

notes: $(RLS_DIR)\notes.txt
release: notes

    @echo 'Generating $@'
    @echo "SVN_VERSION ?= `svnversion -c | sed -r 's/.+://'`" > $@

	mkdir $@

$(RLS_DIR)\notes.txt: $(RLS_DIR)
    svn log -r $(SVN_VERSION):HEAD > $@

But I'm trying to figure out 2 things:

*1. How can I create a directory based on the svnversion output? The above gives me an error "*** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop." svnversion produces "nnnn:mmmm" and I'd like to create a directory "nnnn-mmmm".)*

2. How can I get the include file "svn-version.mk" only to rebuild when the 'release' target is executed?

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Your question is not entirely clear -- and I am not familiar with subversion -- but I can make an educated guess:

  1. Use "shell", not backticks, to set RLS_DIR:
    RLS_DIR = $(shell svnversion -cn | sed 's/:/-/')
  2. This is a strange way to arrange things. Unless you need svn-version.mk for some other purpose, I'd suggest this:
    release: SVN_VERSION ?= $(shell svnversion -c | sed -r 's/.+://')

I'm still not entirely clear on what you're trying to do with svn-version.mk, but svn-version.mk can be a prerequisite of "release". If svn-version.mk depends on log.txt then log.txt can be its prerequisite, otherwise you will have a hard time preventing svn-version.mk from being remade every time (you probably shouldn't include it at all).

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Full points for '1.'. I would like the contents of svn-version.mk to be persistent: its used as a reference point since the last version the log output was created. i.e. take log messages between the last time run and now: "svn -log $(SVN_VERSION):HEAD > log.txt; ~redo svn-version.mk~" – Jamie Sep 28 '09 at 16:55
I'm not going for a POSIX make; and I'm taking advantage of the conditional include provided by GNU make. In fact, I didn't create a specific rule for 'svn-version.mk, instead it's a side-affect/additional output of the 'release' target itself. If I made svn-version.mk a prerequisite then I would get the behaviour you describe. I hope my 'solution' above illuminates what I was trying to do. – Jamie Sep 28 '09 at 17:47

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