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I have a TFS custom checkin policy in place for my TFS 2010. Unfortunately, thee is no provision to disable the override feature for a check in policy. My concern is, how can I setup email alert for my own custom checkin policy? I have multiple checkin policies enabled on my TFS. I need alerts only for one particular policy is overridden.


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The tfs power tools has an alert explorer.

One of the alerts is "Check-In to specific folder with policy overriden", which should do what you need.

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I see that. But, my concern is, if I have multiple custom checkin policies set on the folder, I should only get email if a particular custom checkin policy is overridden. Not any one of those. Please let me know if I am not making myself clear. – PushCode Feb 15 '13 at 19:32
Sorry, I had missed that you were only looking for one of several overrides to be notified. Not sure you can do it in the tool. You could have TFS send a SOAP message to a webservice and have the webservice send you a email based on the specific policy override. – Sean Lynch Feb 22 '13 at 19:52

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