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in Windows XP Does anybody know a software that maps multiple directories to ONE virtual drive or directory?

When I open the virtual directory, I want to see all files from mapped directories as if it was one physical dir.

Linux software mhddfs seems to correspond exactly to my need.

from http://svn.uvw.ru/mhddfs/trunk/README

Consider we have two hard drives with the content below:

/hdd1             /hdd2
|                 |
+-- /dir1         +-- /dir1
|   |             |   |
|   +- file2      |   +- file4
|                 |   +- file2
+-- file1         |
|                 +-- file5
+-- /dir2         |
    |             +-- /dir3
    +- file3          |
                      +- file6

mounting this tree with the command:

mhddfs /hdd1,/hdd2 /hdd_common

into the specified file system point we will see a combined tree.

In the united tree we can see all the directories and files. Note
file2 of 2nd hdd is not visible (because 1st hdd  has  the  file2

+-- /dir1
|   |
|   +-- file2  -> /hdd1/dir1/file2
|   +-- file4
|-- /dir2
|   |
|   + file3
+-- /dir3
|   |
|   +-- file6
+-- file1
+-- file5


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It's not quite the solution you want, but if you can live with all source directories having their own sub directory in a new target, you can check out the Windows tool junction from the Sysinternals Suite.

It allows you to create and manage symbolic links. your tree structure would be something like:

│   └───some folder structure [...]
    └───some other folder structure [...]

Call it like:

junction "e:\hdd_common\hdd1" "f:\"
junction "e:\hdd_common\hdd2" "g:\"
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