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I'm working on an MFC project which was transferred to me. It's basic layout (main frame derived from CFrameWnd) is shown in this sketch: MainFrame layout

The CommandBar and the ControlBar, both derived from CDialogBar, were created using WS_CHILD | CBRS_ALIGN_RIGHT as style.
This is fine for the alignment. But I would like to define the widths of these two elements and cannot find a way to set it.

When I tried to EnableDocking for the dialog bars, I couldn't manage to resolve the assertions. Also I'm not sure if this is what I am looking for.

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Overriding CalcDynamicLayout and returning the calculated size is what I was looking for.


CSize CommandBar::CalcDynamicLayout(int nLength, DWORD dwMode)
    CSize size;
    CRect parentRect;
    if (GetParent())
    size.cy = parentRect.Height();
    size.cx = (int)(abs(parentRect.Width() - parentRect.Height() + GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYMENUSIZE)) * 0.5);
    return size;
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