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I'm using Telerik MVC controls heavily, specifically the Grid and Tab strip. On a "Customer Edit" screen, I have a tab strip such as the following:

       .Items(tabs =>
           tabs.Add().Text("Phone / Email").Content(PhoneNumbers().ToHtmlString());
           tabs.Add().Text("Card Numbers").Content(CardNumbers().ToHtmlString());
           tabs.Add().Text("Account Info").Content(AccountInfo().ToHtmlString());

In the "Transactions" tab, I have a Grid which right now is using AJAX binding:

.DataBinding(bind => bind.Ajax().Select("AccountTransactionBinding", "Accounts", new { customerId = Model.CustomerId }))
.Columns(cols =>
        cols.Bound(x => x.TransactionDate).Format("{0:d}").Title("Date").Width("10%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.Outlet.Name).Title("Outlet").Width("15%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.CheckNumber).Title("Check/Folio").Width("15%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.Type.Name).Title("Type").Width("15%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.CardNumber).Width("15%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.AmountSpent).Format("{0:c2}").Width("15%");
        cols.Bound(x => x.BasePoints).Title("Points").Width("15%");
.Pageable(paging => paging.PageSize(15))
.Sortable(sort => sort.OrderBy(ob => ob.Add(x => x.TransactionDate).Descending()))

Unfortunately, I need to add some additional items to the grid which will not let me do in AJAX binding. I can easily change this to a server binding, but then my issue is with paging. This grid could have hundreds or thousands of items, so it needs paging. If I just use paging the "regular" way, it works, but it defaults to the first tab on every page load.

Now the background is out of the way, question: Is there any way to "append" a QueryString parameter to the paging URL?

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If you still have problems with this, you can get the GridCommand parameter in the backend binding, here's some code that can help to do it :

[GridAction(EnableCustomBinding = true)]
        public virtual ActionResult ListCompanyAjax(GenericSearchModel searchModel, GridCommand command)
            var data = _searchService.SearchCompany(searchModel);

            if (searchModel != null &&
                data = data.ToList().OrderByDescending(x => x.GetPower(searchModel.Text)).AsQueryable();
            else if(command.SortDescriptors.Count == 0)
                command.SortDescriptors.Add(new SortDescriptor{Member = "Name", SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Ascending});

            var results = data
                .Select(x => new CompanyForListingModel
                        Id = x.Id,
                        Name = x.Name,
                        IsActive = x.IsActive,
                        IsNotActive = !x.IsActive,
                        Class = x.Type.Name

            return View(results);
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