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I am trying to use Redmine's API to create issues, but it doesn't seem to let me specify who is submitting the ticket. I have tried getting author_id and it doesn't seem to work.

This is what the JSON data in the POST looks like:

        "issue": {
            "author_id": 3,
            "project_id": 26,
            "subject": "Q-12345678",
            "description": "This is a test"

The issue is being created, but the author is being set to anonymous. Any suggestions?

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Well, I figured it out. As it turns out author_id is not set as a "safe parameter".

I opened up app/models/issue.rb and added author_id on line 337.

So now that block of code looks like this:

    safe_attributes 'tracker_id',
      :if => lambda {|issue, user| issue.new_record? || user.allowed_to?(:edit_issues, issue.project) }


I think this might be a better solution in app/models/issue.rb (line 375)


    safe_attributes 'parent_issue_id',
        :if => lambda {|issue, user| (issue.new_record? || user.allowed_to?(:edit_issues, issue.project)) &&
          user.allowed_to?(:manage_subtasks, issue.project)}

I added

    safe_attributes 'author_id',
        :if => lambda {|issue, user| issue.new_record? || user.allowed_to?(:admin, issue.project)}
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